Friday, July 10, 2009


I have a habit of talking to myself in an odd way. It consist of thinking out my response to a presumed next line of conversation or social interaction. It's a behavior about which I can't decide if it's extremely good for me, like playing chess one step ahead, or if it's terrible for me because I presume incorrect directions and have a tendency to presume conflict and negativity.

Funny how writing things out makes things more obvious some times isn't it?

Anyway, I bring this up because in these moments, particularly when the conversation/interaction doesn't follow the vein I was presuming it would, I occasionally come up with some image or phrase which I then end up storing. These are, in theory, for later use, but most of the time they just get forgotten. I'm writing this post partially to talk about this phenomena, but mostly so that I can preserve a particular image I just had.

"..., but unfortunately the ongoing battle between passion and reason in my head still consists of passion sitting on reasons chest, twisting it's nipples while it continuously cries 'Uncle'"

I wonder if that will still be as amusing when I'm not sleep deprived.


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