Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Going mad with Twitter

Like everything else involving, on, or relating to twitter this post is rambling and at times profane. You were warned.

I learned moments ago that there's an astronaut on twitter. He's sent twitters from space. It's a good thing that I was never offered this opportunity, because I know exactly what mine would say.

ArcaneInsane: WHAT NOW GEOTAG!?!?

I've also grown more and more fascinated by the twitter games. It all started with #3wordsdrunk, which I like mostly because it reminds me of a story from... Lander, I think. I forget the exact context, but I was in large group, everyone was drinking, and a bunch of people were playing the game of trying to write Haikus while drunk.

This is part of the larger "Taking simple things and making them into challenging and fun games by adding liquor" series of games.

Anyway, I remember this story because they knew I'd be able to do it. My response to this was

Fucking Syllables
Japanese poetry sucks
Doesn't even rhyme

And I swear I didn't plan it ahead of time. Epic victory.


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