Saturday, June 10, 2006

10 Hours remain

In 10 hours I pass the point of no return. That's when the cab comes. If you were to look at my room you'd probably panic and say "MAx Get the hell to work" but what you wouldn't know is that except for my comptuer (which is going to be packed at T-minus 2 hours) I'm fully packed. Everything that's out is something I'm going to use one more time, then throw away.

So far everything has gone according to plan, with only one exception. I left one box behind when I hiked to fed-ex, but that's okay. Fed ex is open 24 hours, the busses start running again at T-minus 4 Hours, so I'll go then.

And yes I do plan to be up all night. I'm on an even worse schedule then normal now because I don't have any beddings, so I've been using theta state meditation as a complete substitute for sleep, rather then as an additive. It turns out that there are things you get from rem you don't get from theta. I also tend to lose focus about 2 hours into trance, so I can't seem to get much more sleep then that. It's been really sporadic.

Okay well I'm off to go do... stuff. Seeyas.


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