Monday, June 05, 2006

Impending Doom

I'm really jumpy. The test is in 1 hour, I've studied a lot, but as much as I'm sure I've mastered electromagnetism I fel that I must be missing something. How could I have actually amassed it all?

I find confident in my own thoughts. I was musing on the nature of the class briefly, and in the midst of that I lamented the fact that both electricity and magnetism are explained, but they don't show you the greater symphony of light. A Light wave is made up of a packet of energy oscilating between electric and magnetic forms, the two forms are shown to be equal through a truly vicious set of equations known as "Maxwell's Equations." It seems that rather then giving us the step up to the level of PHYS 123 at the end of PHYS 122 they would rather give us a seemingly complete whole and surpise us with this new insight when we start PHYS 123.

That isn't really releveant to the test, but the fact that I know that gives me some confidence in my general science-ness.


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