Monday, June 05, 2006

Planning Oversight

We're out of food money.
What? We've been keeping careful track. I made sure every time I bought something that my rate of decline would hold us at least until the end of the month.
Yes, but the Month ended 5 days ago. You forgot about June.
Oh. Well Shit.
Shit indeed. Luckily we've got some unaccounted for resources.
Such as?
The food drawer. We got lazy and stopped cooking a while through the quarter, which means we have a lot of left over food.
Isn't most of that food over a month old?
Yes, but we bought all non-perishable food because we don't have a freezer or adequate refrigerator.
God Bless inadequacy. Will this supply hold us through the whole week?
Probably not, but we'll need to go buy milk eggs and butter to fill the missing pieces in our current recipes, we can buy groceries for this week as well
That means tapping into our funds. I thought those were frozen through august.
The hit won't be hard, and it shouldn't make enough of a dent to matter.
Very well. We'll sink further below, but we won't breach the $500 safety net for this, if nothing else I can do without food for a day or so. Or I could just take stuff from Conrad's food shelf.
Conrad's food shelf is mostly soy sauce and rice noodles
I like rice noodles


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