Thursday, September 07, 2006 Newspost

(Provided against his will by Brian Clevinger)

Oh, and I'd apologize for inflicting today's comic on you, but spitting up bile and hate is all I know now. Can you blame me? Imagine being forced to put up with two years of that shit. At academic gun point.

Professor: "What if I remove a single molecule from the table? Is it still a table.?"

Class: "Yes."

Professor: "What if I keep doing that? One molecule at a time? When does the table stop being a table?"

Class: "Ooooooh."

Brian: "I'm gonna say when it falls over."

Professor: "That's not the point of the--"

Brian: "That's when it stops being a table."

Now I make a sprite comic. Oh, tuition. You're the best spent money ever.


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