Thursday, January 10, 2008


So there's a lot of details behind this, but I'm not going to go into them, so lets just say that circumstances conspired and I ended up logging back into WoW this morning. I tooled around a bit, found my old social connections had also left the game, and played around a bit with the characters themselves. Ultimately I logged off, with little to no desire to log back on, unless me & Adam team up as previously discussed. I have another 30 days of play time but I cut off that recurring plan only an hour or so after starting it.

The simple fact is this. The one thing that WoW has over Tabula Rasa is the only thing that Tabula Rasa distinctly lacks. Team play. The grinding, the blocky combat, etc. all make WoW kind of pale when you're not addicted to it. I kind of wonder how I put up with that for so long. To be honest after this I'm seriously reconsidering whether or not I'm going back whenever the next X-pac hits.


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