Thursday, March 27, 2008

Doing the Math

In listening to a radio show called "The conversation" on Seattle's NPR, which was discussing religion at the time, they quoted one of the more militant atheists as saying that suicide bombing can only be justified by religion. I'm not pro religion, I'm adamantly con it, despite being pro faith, but this assertion is just dumb. There's a very clear tactical and mathematical reasoning behind any kind of suicide attack.

I'm going to strap a bomb to myself, kill 5 of you, and my team gets a net gain of four points.

Now I should point out that they didn't mean tactically, the speaker was claiming that it was the only way someone could be brought to that psychotic state, but I disagree with this as well. Fanaticism happens in all belief systems, but if you're going to try and take the position that there should be no belief systems you're going to find yourself in a bad position. Amongst other things, you won't be able to advocate your own beliefs.


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