Wednesday, April 23, 2008


There's something that happens to me a lot which I think would be best expressed in a very short film entirely in grayscale, with only the sound of a violin in the background.

It opens on me, at a random location around campus, where I am waiting for something or someone. The violin plays slow deep tones underscoring that this is the base from which things will build. It rises slightly as I open my copy of The Stranger, the music growing quicker, and the sound rising as the bow begins to dance over the strings. I open to a page and the camera zooms in on an add for some obscure band that I like, the violin rises in furious allegro as the camera pans from the add to my cell phone clock. They're coming, and they're coming sometime in the next week. The music rises to a fever pitch and then, as I reach into my pocket there is a sudden jarring halt.

I flip through the faded ones in my wallet, and the music sinks back into low tones of loss as I slump and flip the page, muttering under my breath. The screen fades to black as the violin itself begins to fade out, and just before the whole thing flips over to an over-serrifed declaration of "fin" you me utter a single word.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

such is the life of an impoverished student

2:42 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Gah I know!

11:42 PM  

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