Thursday, April 17, 2008

Political Misc

I'm in a weird position with regards to politics. I keep a heavy influx of information, I'm pretty highly informed, but I also hate politics. I have a lot of views that I want to express, and I don't care enough to get into a real argument on most of them, so here, in the form of a misc post, are my recent political thoughts.

-I favor immediate irresponsible withdrawal from Iraq. It's my belief that the Sunni Shiite clash is going to generate a certain amount of violence, and all our presence there is doing or can do is slow down the rate at which that violence happens. I think that when we pull out there will be a upsurge in violence and a massive bloodbath, and that if we don't pull out there will be the exact same thing except dragged out over several generations.

-I don't currently plan on voting in the presidential election. I was thinking about this, and a vote for a presidential candidate means that I think that person should be running the country, and so far the only people I know of who are running have failed to convince of me that.

-Barrack Obama has an incredible amount of Charisma, but I really don't know how much Intelligence he has. Wisdom is hard to judge, and I don't care how much Str, Con, and Dex the president has.

-The key reason I hate politics is because of what politicking is. You say what will get you support, what won't get you lambasted, without giving priority to how you actually feel and how you actually speak. This leads to the soundbyte gotcha syndrome that plagues modern discourse, and a system of aggravated douchery that is an insult to my intellect, and the intellect of the American people. Disingenuous pandering, stark polarization, and blatant outright deception are all used casually and constantly in order to win the votes of the manipulated masses, and anyone who thinks of the people in the terms that you have to in order to manipulate them on this level has to dehumanize them.

-The epitome of my issues with politics are embodied in the form of Hillary Clinton. She operates on such a highly political level that I can not, despite having heard dozens of interviews and discussions with her, say anything with confidence about who she actually is or what she actually believes.

-What the hell happened to accountability? And I assure you that this bit of outrage applies to more things then you're thinking about.

-Why wasn't it considered a gaffe when people say things like "You can't expect truth from him in that kind of position." Why is that, in fact, seamlessly accepted as sage advice and not the grounds for revolution.

-I whole heartedly support the violent overthrow the United States Government. I don't think any country that goes over a century without a violent uprising is doing it right. It's doing it well, very very well, but it's not doing it right.

-I'm way too much of a chickenshit to lead the violent overthrow of the United States Government. I don't even have a gun.

-I'm firmly against gun control on the basis that I think the people must always maintain the ability to overthrow their own government. I don't give a damn about hunting, but I support the legalization of assault weapons so that we can fight back against the army.

-I'm also against handguns, because I think if you're carrying a firearm it should have to be visible. Granted there are concealable rifles etc, but you have to work pretty hard to conceal those.

-One of the most insane policies I support is issuing everyone a firearm when they turn 18, both because of the whole overthrow thing, but also because I believe that the problems with guns is solved with either zero guns, or universal armament. One of the keys to the success rate of the psychos who commit school shootings is that they take place in gun free zones. There's no magic stopping them from walking in with guns. Also, if there's only two or so guard they can just shoot them, and remove the incredibly small number of people who are immediately available and would actually have a chance to fight back.

-All of the guns stuff makes me sound crazy. There are much crazier things that I believe, but I'm not going to get very deep into those.

-I think that the powers that be are making racial divide, gender divides, religious divides, ethnic divides, etc. all more prevalent so that the class war won't happen, because if people were properly aware of that we would all pull a Cromwell.

-Oliver Cromwell was, in my opinion, the only person to be both a Badass and a Puritan. He's famous for executing a King, which opened the door to royal execution in the middle ages.

-Tibet was a theocracy, and not a nice one either. The former Dahli Lama was a cruel dictator. Screw Tibet.

-China is also an inhumane dictatorship. Screw them too.

-To be continued (probably)


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