Tuesday, April 08, 2008


-My phone is finally back online. I had a weird issue that prevented me from reaching my own voicemail, then I lost the charger, then the phone, then found the phone but had no charger, and now they're all in a neat location. The charger, it turns out, was the victim of the whirlwind of activity that was my remodeling process.

-There's a kid in my Hebrew class that has an amazing speech issue. In English he's fine. However, when speaking Hebrew he does something that makes me completely unable to understand him. His words take the same total amount of time, but he spends half of that time stuttering, then says the word twice as fast as normal. It's crazy. It's also a bit of irony.

-The whole April fool's day music theory, rock ocarina thing worked surprisingly well on my parents. I have to admit I feel a little bit bad about it, but honestly I don't want to be the kind of person who would pass up that kind of chance to add a bit of spice to his life.


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