Thursday, April 03, 2008


-Wow, that last post was supposed by about the pattern of declining motivation over the duration of the quarter and it got into a whole rant about my identity issue. I really am too consumed by that problem right now.

-Still need to buy that bike...

-I've bought more liquor in the past few days then in the entirety of my life. I haven't drinken any, I don't plan to start drinking more, but I feel a little bit better knowing that I have it on hand. There are some situations that arise without planning that mandate intoxication.

-I should learn to start cooking with wine

-I should buy cheaper wine to use when cooking, and continue preserving my current stock of higher, but still not actually high, quality wine.

-I wonder if there's any recipe that can be done with Thunderbird that wouldn't result in notably damaging the dish.

-I should add a bottle of Thunderbird to my stock. They cost what. $2? I'd rather avoid the scenario that leads to me drinking it, but it's still worth having.

-I have a lot of beliefs about mind altering drugs. Foremost in that belief is that each of them has a particular setting in which it is appropriate. This is true across the broad spectrum of liquors as well, which is a heavy contributor to my perceived need to have so many kinds on hand. Whether or not it's true, I'm still convinced that the intoxication resulting from rum is different from that resulting from beer, etc. etc. and that every scenario warrants a different drink. Some how, without ever really drinking, I've become a little bit of a liquor snob.


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