Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So this story really starts last week. I was at Pike's shopping mostly for groceries but also browsing the myriad wonderworld that is Pike's Place Market. I was perusing the farm fresh stalls when I heard a familiar song, played by the maker of clayz ocarinas. I used to have an ocarina, it's a neat little thing, because it's not quite an instrument and not quite a toy. I've been playing around on it lightly since, and it's really sort of clicked.

Really clicked.

I talk a lot about higher purpose, and true self, and what it all comes down to is that you have to know who you are, and do what it is you know you're meant to do. The technical term is Dharma, I think. Whatever the case I've found what is I'm meant to do. Helping people with science didn't really work. Helping them with psych wasn't going to work, and I'm yet to find a reliable source of legitimate magical powers, so I'm using the closest thing we as humans have.


High, kind of flat, discount clay ocarina rock. And I know what you're thinking, what about your classes? Don't worry, the tuition will transfer over to my new classes which are based partially around music theory, but are mostly about sitting around jamming and doing pot with the TA.

And I know, it seems like a lot, but I'll pay my way though. I'll live the American dream of standing on the corner of 45th and the ave blowing the mind of passers by and collecting the change that falls from their newly freed consciousness.

It's a brand new day, and it's time to embrace destiny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

April 1? Really Cruel, Max....

A concerned and slightly gullible Parent.

9:40 PM  

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