Friday, April 25, 2008

Another notch of weird

In mulling around my apartment I find myself opting out of the normal retinue of clothing, and combing back time and time again to wearing jeans and my robe. I've also said several times, always in idle lament, that I wish I could wear a robe as part of day to day attire. When I mention this around Kevin he tends to remark with something along the lines of "Why not?"

Now understand that Kevin isn't the greatest person to rely upon when dealing with matters of the social contract. It's an odd trait that gives him immunity and inability at the same time, but it's core to his being, and it's not necessarily bad.

There are several reasons not to, most of them dealing with social stigma and ideas of the norm, and the rest dealing with the fact that my robe is a soft almost certainly flimsy blend of...

There was a long pause here wherein I tried to read the tag of my robe just by stretch my neck farther and pulling the hem further before realizing that I could just take my arm out of the damn sleeve.

Also never mind, it's a soft almost certainly flimsy 100% polyester item. Anyway the point is that my robe is a house comfort item, not an actual piece of clothing. Still I've been turning over this idea in my head for a long time, and something recently occurred to me. If I am intent on changing my daily apparel from the college standby of jeans and semi-washed shirt, to some combination of a robe and robe accessories then I should look to cultures which already wear robes on a daily basis.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet I can now tell that I've been going about this all wrong. What I want isn't actually a robe. It's more along the lines of a dishdasha, or a full salwar kameez. I'm still looking into it, but there might be something to this. The whole stigma issue is still in effect, and I may have to deal with people trying to talk to me about Islam, which I know very little about. I'm also concerned about pockets. I'm not sure they're going to be as readily implicated into these garments as I'm used to. In either case it's still up in the air, but it's an interesting bit to consider.

One new issue, that's risen since I started this. If I look for these items in the context of Islamic or middle eastern clothing the prices are on the order of one fifth the price of their Indian counterparts. The only real difference appears to be a few square meters of embroidery that I didn't really want anyway. Also the prevalence for search engines to confuse my desire to buy a simple male garment with what they perceive as my desire to buy a female fetish wear costume. I'm going for one notch of weird, it would be at least five if I began wearing a harem girl outfit all the time.


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