Monday, April 28, 2008

Ancient Sufi Wisdom

I don't really believe in horoscopes, but I make a habit of reading mine once a week whenever I grab the stranger. It's not because I think it will actually predict the future, but because I think a lesson can be gained from the depiction of the future it makes.

Little bits of daily wisdom like this can be very enlightening, and one of the most reliable sources I have for this is a book my father got me ages ago that I've found and lost several times. It's a collection of short teachings by Rumi, an ancient Sufi master. He was well known for being incredibly eccentric, and I admit that a few times I've found the parables indecipherable. More often then not I see the wisdom, even if it doesn't particularly apply. There are rare times though, like this morning, where I remember to actually check the book (usually moving the bookmark weeks if not months forward) and the wisdom itself applies to my situation.

"Come on in" said the water to the dirty man.
"I'm embarrassed to be so dirty, I'll make you muddy." replied the man.
"But if you don't come in, you'll never stop being ashamed," said the water.


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