Monday, April 28, 2008


-Misc posts usually aren't proofread or edited well (at all) And I have no intention to change that. You were warned.

-My perceived financial woes bring me back to one of the fundamental lessons of poverty. If you're middle class or above you can put away a savings. You can have money such that if something goes wrong you can take that hit, dip into it, and come back. One of the greatest burdens of being poor is the lack of such a surplus. When someone who is poor has something happen to them they have to accept it. This, along with the psychological tension it creates, is part of the systemic oppression that is inherent to capitalism.

-Yes, I did just assert that a capitalist system has systemic oppression.

-The idea of getting a minor was proposed to me the other day, and I thought about a sociology minor. The psychological impact of poverty based stress would be a great thesis for that combination of disciplines.

-I got my first "whoa, you're paying me $15 in coins?" look today, I have $385 more from what was my savings and is now my pocket money to go before this is all done. I should just get used to that look.

-I'm not a big fan of 80s music. I am, however, a huge fan of their techno remixes.

-I went through my graduation requirements with my adviser the other day, and one of the things I noticed was that I needed 15 credits, essentially a full year, or VLPA classes. Visual Language & Performing Arts. I'd thought about trying to juggle my schedule such that I could take classes to either refine my drawing skill or learn to play bass guitar. As it turns out, I may have to do one of those.

-The whole vibrating alarm buzzer thing is a very effective tool, but I demand that they retract any claim that it's a less stressful way to wake up. Having your head suddenly buzzed at 6 a.m. is downright freaky. Granted it's only been a few days but I still find myself reflexively grabbing my athame and trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

-Sleeping with earplugs has worked in the past, but in my most recent attempt I found a rather annoying little hangup. I was kept awake by the sound of my own blood pulsing through my ears. Interestingly enough, this was the night after the day my class discussed the part of the nervous system that quiets your perceptions of your own internal noises. I think that made me slightly more bitter about this then I would've been otherwise.

-One recurring theme in my attempts to get myself organized is that I buy things that I associate with a lack of youth. I see now how those who have surrendered their deviance do it, it's through the gradual accumulation of these things, and the comforting efficiency of a schedule. I intend to fight that to the very last breadth, including starting a large fire composed of all of the trappings of that lifestyle if I awaken from the lull to find myself fully consumed, but I'm thinking seriously about getting one of those daily pill planner things. That seems like it may cost me a whole notch of deviance though. Those things don't indicate a failing of youth, those are a sign of directly becoming old. Now I believe, as all of us who still have access to youth do, that age is a fully mental thing. I'm fairly sure I'll laugh at that in a raspy voice 60 years from now when my body has moved into the advanced stages of outright failure despite whatever I think at it. Nonetheless I feel the need to embrace some bit of deviance to offset this, but for the life of me I'm having trouble thinking of any that I want and don't already have.


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