Sunday, May 18, 2008

Little Costs

The term may not make any sense to you, but there's a lot of little costs that I think of as low percentage procs.

A proc, for those of you who haven't gotten to the max level in more then 5 MMOs, and hence don't have to deal with whether that's something to be proud or ashamed of, is a percentage chance trigger effect. A great example of this is the fiery enchant from WoW, which gives you a 25% -ish chance to do a fire burst effect each time your attack hits something. A proc is anything that works that way.

There's my phone's"Minutes" proc, there's the printers two different ink cartridge procs, and because I don't keep a careful track of when they charge me there's the monthly procs of netflix, gamefly, and whatever MMO I'm subscribing to at the time.

I imagine that everyone has these things, but it's only the poor who get critted by them. I'm also fairly sure it's only the poor who think about money this much. People think about the things that are effecting them, but I'll spare you the overwhelming volume of my rants about poverty, the fact that I have them is proof enough of my standing. I just wish I could say that it wasn't my fault, but I've gotten better at this with every bit of financial turmoil that I've gotten though.


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