Friday, July 04, 2008


-I'm deeply disappointed in recent Holiday sale ads. Not once have I heard the phrase "Sale-a-bration"

-Eating essentially only fruits and vegetables makes shopping a lot fast. I only have to go through one aisle.

-The coloration of my map of Wayside, a fictional town in my campaign setting, was intended to express the fact that it's in the plains which tend to be covered in tall golden grasses like the ones I saw while traveling through Kansas. The problem is that I can't really get that texture down, and the color of those grasses is surprisingly similar to the color of human urine.

-Fireworks began going off in and around the U-district at around 10 p.m. July 3rd. I was looking through my small stash of fireworks, thinking to join the fun, but I remembered something. The ones I brought weren't meant to be used as fireworks. I brought almost entirely high volume smoke bombs to be used in the event of urban warfare. Somehow that thought seemed reasonable at the time, but since I still don't own a gun Urban warfare for me will still consist of ducking and covering.

-I know I've said this before. But where does one go to purchase an HK MP5N submachine gun with an ACOG scope? I don't think S.W.A.T. has surplus stores.

-I really shouldn't use Rainbow 6 as a means for deciding which firearm to buy. In the time between playing R6 games it's clear to me that I need a basic pump action shotgun for it's low penetration and high reliability, but I can't help thinking that that's the same reason the MP5 is the bread and butter of the advanced law enforcement agencies. This discussion also takes place completely without credit to the fact that I have no training in the operation of a submachine gun, but that discussion inevitably leads to the field value of a shotgunnery merit badge.

-Happy 4th of July

-Massive Fireworks keep going off around us. The larger ones sound like the sniper rifle blasts from Rainbow 6, and after each one I, Maximilian "Sure Shot" Willson, and tempted to turn to Adam "The Saw" Wahlen and say "Tango Down."


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