Monday, October 27, 2008

The Setting Sun

I've been in a slump recently. As always I have a number of theories as to why, and I feel pretty safe saying that it's a compilation of all of them. Background stress created by fighting my social anxiety, the various mental burdens created by having a more active social life then I'm used to, the ongoing opera grade tragedy that is my car, and what I've stared to thing of as cash flow feng shei. This of course refers to the direct correlation between my financial liquidity and my general happiness, because the lack of money blocks crucial points in my chi.

Those answers are all quite easy, and probably basically correct, but I have a much easier and simpler theory as well. Maybe it's just S.A.D. It's hard to say, there's no good test for this, but I've gotten out my standbys for fighting off S.A.D., and gone back to debating whether its effective to have a sunlight on behind me, which is one of the many little debates I've had with myself since I learned that the pineal gland, which reacts to light, is located on the back of my head.


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