Monday, November 03, 2008


-It seems like I haven't written in my blog much recently, despite how much I've been writing recently. Most of my recent writing has been on my whiteboard, which has come to fill the role that my other private blog used to, and I have wonder about the implications of this.

-I had kind of an odd night Friday. A bunch of cupcakes came over to my apartment, and sang a bunch of songs. There was a reunion tour of N.A.M.A.I.H.A., which consisted of them playing just one set which rocked the audience. Then the cup cakes went walking off, and shortly after other people went walking off in search of food. I went to sleep at that point, but it does make me wonder what happened to those cupcakes.

-I may have to give up on drinking. And not in the normal "What did I do last night," kind of way. I don't drink often, so I shouldn't have much of a tolerance, but every recent time where I've tried to drink enough to enjoy the experience of being drunk I've failed because even though I'm drinking enough to kill some of my friends I only feel a little bit buzzed. In a way it's maddening.

-I was talking to Laney about my car the other day, and she interjected by saying "It sounds like you don't want to give it up, but you're trying to talk yourself into selling it." And that's exactly how it is. I've gone through two white boards of discussion in this subject, and I know in the end that it comes down to something very simple. Before my car was broken I didn't need a car because I never went out and did anything. Then while my car was broken I didn't think I needed a car because I was doing okay despite my car being broken. Now that I have a car, and I'm seeing how much easier it makes the process of going out and doing stuff I want to have a car, and I wish that money wasn't an issue here.

-I'm fighting my old habit of tearing up small plastic things as hard as I can, and it's going fairly well. However, I've noticed that stopping that particular fidgeting behavior has caused a number of others to spring up.


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