Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things You're Proud of

I came to this thought from a few different angles. The first point in the story comes somewhere around 10:30 a.m. yesterday.

On Tuesdays I have a class that ends at 9:30, and a class that starts at 12:30, and no obligations in between. On a normal day I have one hour of downtime, which is spent playing a dollars worth of Tekken 5, and walking around campus. This brings us to 10:30 where the game of "What should I do" vs. "What do I feel like doing" was in full swing. The latter was the victor and I went about an old nerd tradition, making a character sheet of myself. Most of the details don't matter, but as this was a Hunter: The Vigl sheet I had to select a virtue and a vice for myself. Virtues and Vices in the various world of darkness games represent an aspect of the charcter, and are a means by which a character can regain willpower points. A truly virtuous act is so fufilling that it replenishes all of their willpower, while endulging their vice is wickedly fufilling enough to give them one point of willpower. Keeping this in mind the choices were immidiately apparent. Faith and Pride. The vice, Pride, is what's important here.

The second angle of this started when I was rearranging my living room. It was a few simple changes, but I like it a lot better now. Part of the process was putting the DVDs onto the shelf below the TV. We have more DVDs then will properly fit on that shelf, which actually came as resolution to something that had been bugging me while I was alphabetizing them.

Our DVDs are kind of lame.

This meant that eliminating some wasn't hard, the ones that I wanted to be on display were obvious (cast away, lord of war, etc) and the ones that seemed too classless were equally obvious (Family guy box set, Ren & Stimpy box set.) These two moments came into focus earlier today while my mind was wandering.

A lot of the things that I'm trying to put behind me are in that same general catagory as the box sets I didn't want on my shelf. They were classless basal amusements that didn't do much in the way of improving me. There is an argument to made that they were amusing, and that they shouldn't have to possess other merits, but I'm not going to get into that now because it would take me off focus. What all of this has gotten me thinking is that I may be able to improve myself, and indoctrinate myself into a new set of positive habits, simply by reminding myself whenever I'm making a choice that I should do what I would be proud of. Besides, even if it doesn't improve my character it will net me a ton of willpower points.


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