Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Report

I have it in my head to do these kinds of weekly reports. They'll help keep me focused on my goals, and add a notch of personal accountability to the exercise.

The report for the week of June 22-28, 2009

-5/5 Psych 345 classes attended
-2/2 Psych 201 classes attended
-3/3 Psych 357 classes attended
-Activity level in classes: High.
-No graded assignments to report
-Goal for next week: Better utilize commute time by reading textbooks on the bus.

-Weight training twice in the mornings.
-Extended physical activity on Sunday
-Diet improved, thanks in large part to the HUB's salad bar.
-Goal for next week: Add a variant on the morning gym routine which is about aerobic exercise.

-Outwardly social in class, within reasonable parameters
-Leadership role established and accepted in 345 & 357 group sections
--Acceptance is of particular importance. It will be tested as it carries forward.
-Won favor with professors, including the self described Misanthrope
-Epic social success Sunday.
-Goal for next week: 3 instances of outgoingness in my recreational life that are not carried out through the Internet.

I know this week it may seem like I'm bragging, and maybe I am, but I did really well this week, and I feel generally better in almost every way. So now I have my new goals, all of them are reasonable and doable, and next week I'm going to head straight for them.


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