Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So years and years ago my Dad was trying to buy a new car. He was trying to buy one that wasn't a Ford, and ultimately he had to give up. I remember time after time walking out and imitating a Simpson's line that's a favorite of mine.

"Everyone needs to drive an automobile, even the extremely tall."

That finally caught up to me today, as I rode a series of buses for an hour to find out that Hyundai doesn't make cars that fit me. Neither does Kia. Now if I'm willing to give up on a lot of things and get a Chevy...

Screw that. There are alternatives. The Mazda Tribute is pretty good. Not great, but not bad, and certainly fills the role I need it to.

The CRV and the Pilot are better, but cost more. It's a complex problem, but on July 5th the one of us who has a functional car is going on a multi month long Journey, so it's a complex problem I'm going to need to solve soon, because I happen to need groceries.


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