Sunday, January 13, 2008

LF 1M Kara, Healer

I logged onto WoW last night to talk to a few old friends of mine. The game itself doesn't hold a huge appeal to me, but I have old connections that are still fun. Eventually it's pointed out to me that my guild is almost 30 minutes late starting their run on Karazhan because they need another healer. I mention idly that I was a healer 6 months ago, and I'm immediately press ganged into my old role.

There's a brief delay while I reinstall Ventrillo and try to remember exactly how I used to play this game. Logging back into my old main displays the frightening number of separate spells and abilities that I felt were important enough to have at my immediate disposal (32) and the breadth of potions and variant items that went into my old process. The gist of it is, however, very simple, and before long things are beginning to come back to me. It's like making candy out of babies.

I should point out that in the few months of raiding I had been doing I got very little. I eventually left the game because I was frustrated with the incompetence of my peers, and the cruelty of the randomized drop system. Now that I'm back I can see that my guild has shaved some of the fat, and that our actual raiding group, as opposed to the pick up style 5 man instance groups, is fairly well constructed. A few of the people who I had classified as whiny incompetent bastards are still clinging on, but ignoring them isn't too hard.

I thought idly to myself after picking up an item that was a signifigant upgrade over my caster cloak and a moderate upgrade over my healing cloak, eliminating the need to carry two cloaks, that this was the first epic item the character had ever gotten. I got my first real epic item off the next boss, and I got another epic caster item off the last one we did. The amount of rep gained also allowed me to get a fourth epic. This character only has four epics. I got them all last night, on a run that I didn't plan to do, or sign up for, and was violently restricted from dropping out of.

It's amusing to see how much people still need healers.


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