Friday, January 11, 2008


-When I sat down to create a new blog post I titled it "On Gods and Champions II" then I realized that I have to leave in 30 minutes and I'm still wearing my Jeans and my robe. I'll have to get to that later.

-I kind of wish I could always walk around in some manner of pants and a robe. I like wearing a robe.

-The same goes for walking around barefoot.

-The phrase "When one door closes another one opens" and all of its related phrases tend to get the actuality of the circumstance wrong in a key way. It's not that one closes and another opens it's that there's a lot of doors. If yours closes go find one of the ones that's still open.

-My composition class was described as the literature one. There are several composition courses, and I've already had four classes that were designed to teach me to write argumentative papers based around a thesis etc, which is why I've done well in four of my last 5 writing classes. In a quick tangent, Dr. Hawkins was a great teacher, it's a shamed they discharged him from Emery, but even more of a shame that I had to do three peer reviews in his class where I told people that they weren't writing an argumentative paper and that most of their work was going to be invalid. Anyway, I was hoping this class wouldn't be one of those because the skill that I wanted to learn is how to write narrative fiction.

-Gamely has been screwing with me recently. They've been sending me the 6th and 7th things on my queue instead of the ones that I actively want.

-My sociology prof needs to take a public speaking crash course. The same is true of my comp teacher but I'm willing to let him slide because he's a grad student. I really don't mean this in an antagonistic way, even though that's nearly impossible to communicate, but there are two or three key things you can do to make yourself better by a factor of two.

-I thought of my drama class as an amusing class that didn't really apply. However, it was in drama, along with the plays I had minor rolls in, that I learned how to speak in a stage voice, meaning to speak at a high volume without changing tone or shouting. This little trick has come in handy more times then I can count. Most recently it's allowed me to address the entire lecture hall in a clearly audible voice, something my prof and his microphone couldn't do.

-Those little clip mics never seem to work quite right. If you have to be high tech get a headset, but I really don't see the problem with a hand mic.

-I've now done enough testing to conclude that whatever it was that was making the roof of my mouth and jaw hurt was directly related to taking two one a day vitamins a day. I see the reasoning behind it dad, and I agree that the dosage is for a regular person, of which I am at least two, but ultimately I ran into something. Maybe my diet was already high in some specific thing, I can't say for certain.

-With the exception of my sleeping habits I'm doing a lot better in a lot of little ways. Some combination of the fish oil, the vitamins, the exercise, the sun lamps, and my change of major is probably the cause.


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