Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quote Dump

I'm emptying my facebook quotes list again. There's probably an interesting story in going back to read all of them, and checking how they've progressed over time, but that's a story I'll hear later.

"To live as I do, in a life of dreaming and escapism, is the highest act of arrogance that can be attained. To be as I am you must look upon the splendors of creation; know the infinite variety and unspeakable beauty of existence, and see the quintessence in all things, and after all of this you must turn to the world and it's creator and say:
"Not Enough."

"Does it command us to thaw?"
-Kevin Wilson, talking about an oreo cake

"Eventually I had to admit that I had what the robot devil's old music teacher Ms. Melinger called "stupid fingers""
-Will Wheaton

"I told you this would end badly. Polyamory is just too sexy to have a serious discussion about it."

"BDSM is just cops and robbers for adults with your pants off"
-Dan Savage

"You are the foot on the windpipe of my dreams, sir."
-Alex Klemm

Igor: "I'm an Igor Sir, We don't ask questions."
Von Lipwig: "Really? Why not?"
Igor: "I'm not sure sir, I never asked."
-Terry Pratchet

"This is what happens when someone is a nerd and a slut at the same time."

"A man chooses, a slave obeys"
-Andrew Ryan

"Arm the Homeless"
-Tom Morello's Guitar

"Some day congress will hear my story, and overnight I'll become a nation wide icon of our corrupted youth."

"What? You always say I should have faith, well that's me having faith. Random anonymous blackmail."
-Huey Freeman, The Boondocks


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