Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm cleaning up my room right now, and one of the key subtasks of that is converting all of the loose issues of The Stranger into my collection of stranger covers. Because of the way the stranger is done collecting the covers also means that I have a collection of the page 1 adds, last page stuff, and back cover adds, which is when I noticed something. My collection goes back to late 2005, it's probably over 70 covers by now (I'm not particularly attentive about this, and it was hard to find the Stranger in Redmond) and there's a company that appears to have bought out one spot on the back cover for all of eternity. I'm also fairly certain that they did on 14 hour photoshoot, because all of the adds, which show various styles and clothing types etc, are all on the same background with the same model. A new couple of pictures every day, but always that same girl and that same stage. It's odd, she's an unintended constant in the paper.


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