Monday, January 21, 2008


In my grand internal discussions the phrase "Haunted by Memory" comes up a lot. It's not one I made up, but it's one that, from time to time, applies to me as I would guess it does most people. What strikes me about these moments is that I'm always reflecting on some little thing I did which w as profoundly stupid, or socially clumsy in ways that are obvious to myself as I am now, and would be clear to me if I were in the situation again. They've brought me a lot of strife, but something has occurred to me.

In these moments I'm looking back on what I was, seeing it, and seeing its flaws clearly. This means that I'm something more then that now. While I'm not by an means stating that these events are pleasurable, or desirable, I would however say that they are good, because if these things keep happening then it means that I'm always getting better.


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excellent - your education is proving useful

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