Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Blogging's Sake

There are a lot of times where I'm at my computer and I'm either waiting for something else to finish, or I feel like I should be doing something, and I end up blogging. It's a dumb idea because it leads to dumb posts, but I'm currently copying the majority of my D drive onto Kevin's portable hard drive so I have some time to kill. Todays story of choice concerns Kevin's hard drive.

Since I'm the key "acquirer" of data around here it's been a long standing tradition that I fill up the majority of the portable drive. The portable drive is something that we can all draw from, and since we have similar interests the things that I've "acquired" are usually of interest to my roommates. It is, however, Kevin's drive, so I've made sure to keep my contributions in their own file. This started out as the (at its peak) 180 gig "Maxonian Invasion Territory" file. Now time has passed and I got my current computer which has two hard drives both of which are bigger then the portable, so I felt it was time to get my excess clutter off of Kevin's property. The wreckage of what once once my vast data hoard was therefore renamed to "Maxonian Demilitarized Zone" which was shortly changed to "Maxonian DMZ" because nobody ever actually writes out the phrase "Demilitarized Zone."

Well the latest piling on is somewhat militant, and in keeping with tradition it's been updated again to "Maxonian Occupied Territories." I'm currently thinking of my next war pun.


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