Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Idea

I have... something. It's a big idea, and it feels really important, and I don't have a proper grasp on it yet. I'm recording the fragments here because I have more pressing uses for my whiteboard.

-Think about why you think what you're thinking when you're thinking it.
-"When I was happy she would celebrate with cookies. Then then I was sad she'd cheer me up with cookies. It's not my fault Hank, all of my emotions demand cookies."
-When was the last time you heard actual quiet
-Internal Enslavement, and the World of Warcraft effect, comfortably numb.
-I love the system, I hate the machine.
-The goal of capitalisim is to make money.
-How do you know who you actually are?
-The idea that people are the sum of their flaws is only partially valid. People are, as May Payne said, the sum of their choices, but what causes them to make those choices.
-100% of experiences are formative
-Without indoctrination you wouldn't have structure. It's necessary
-Deciding who you are.
-Mans struggle against nature. It used to be to stay dry, now it's to bend the earth to serve ten billion
-Fire, the moment humans became better then animals. & Playing with something you don't really understand but have a semi-sufficent understanding of the practical effects of.
-Overpopulation vs. Genetic success. How to tell people that they're not good enough to breed without being a monster.
-Epigenetic success. Surviving the next five generations.
-1st state of the world was natural providence. My belief is that the last state of the world will be technological providence. What I neglected was that population growth is what shunted us out of natural providence. We may only get techno providence by dropping some numbers
-Race War. Population control meets team spirit.
-Genetically Better. The horrifying future where we can give you a numerical rating based on something other then your actions.
-Detachment, Reality 2.0. Surrender vs. Fight. Is this really a bad thing? If it makes you disfunctional in the real world is the solution to stop doing it or to fully check out from the real world.
-Pick a world and stick to it.
-Acceptance. We're all doomed and could easily fight it but won't because part of whats doomed us has convicned you that you don't want to.
-There is no overlord. The grand conspiracy of short sightedness.
-Reaping what they've sown. Are advertisers above the indoctrination.
-Hate will overcome. A constant state of background outrage as the key to overcoming ad based passive indoctrination.
-Reprogramming. The Black Spot Campaign. "I know you've just been burned, and I know I was harping about saving you from fire, but take this torch and set your house on fire. Trust me, I'm the good guy remember?"
-Passive eugenics. Letting people die.
-God says that you've been fruitfull enough. You can stop now.
-Threshold point. Too far?
-Picking apart all of the invisible subroutines that govern humanitiy and slowly turning all of them into ways to sell things until you've finally manged to break humanity.
-We made GM crops so that they were tough enough to withstand harsh pesticides. Then they started killing off the Bees. Isn't the obvious solution to this super tough GM bees?
-Science is the new magic. Ex Technologico Omnius
-We're all doomed. Again. Possibly still.


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