Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Defying expectations

I spent most of this morning preparing myself for my meeting with my advisor.  I went over every detail that I had in my argument, I made sure that I had records of our past exchanges, and I analyzed all all of the past interactions I'd had with advisor, assembled a basic personality profile, and catered my appearance and mannerisims to appeal to that profile.  

It was the perfect alignment of desire, fear, focus, outrage, determination, and desperation.  The perfect constellation of my motivating factors.

I arrived ten minutes early, as I often do, and was delayed for a few minutes by the previous appointment.  When my turn was up I headed in and was prempted by victory.  My key argument was brought up by the advisor, and I was admitted to the major.

I was then also offered my choice of summer quarter classes.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with this, but the effect is very similar to that of DM discretion.  This is someone who empowered above and beyond the game that you are playing, and can grab the rules and reshape them as they see fit.  The fact that this person is on my side is very very important, and the experience of seeing something in real life be retconned is simply outstanding.  It remains true that every time I go to the psych advisors it goes better then I thought it could.


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