Friday, April 17, 2009

The cut off

I'm not going to draw this out.  I got a letter today from the Psych department, and I was not admitted.  

I was puzzled by this until a few minutes ago.  The letter claims that they made the cut at 2.9, and that I was below that.  I had gone to the advisors on several occasions, and they assured me that if I got a 3.2 in PSYCH 202 that I would get a 2.9, and would get in.

I did it too.  I got the grade.  I did what I was told I would have to.  I did it.  I fucking did it.

So I sent an e-mail off to that advisor, asking, more or less, what happened, and if there was any remaining hope.  The letter I got back was mostly useless, but with one crucial detail.

The math done by them, the math they did in order to find out my grade.  That wasn't quite the math that I had been told to do.  Which is why when they calculated, once I had achived the grade I was told I needed to, they didn't get 2.9

They got 2.88

I want to just let that sit for a moment.  Two point eight eight.  Four is the highest possible score.  I'm off by two hundreths of a point.  I'm off by ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of the possible points.  

Up until Inow I was feeling depressed.  Right now, looking at TWO PONT EIGHT EIGHT, right now I  think I might kill someone.  I might really do it this time.  Just grab them by the skull, push my thumbs into the eye sockets, get a good grip,  and pull it apart until the whole thing cracks.  

Needless to say I'm not in the best mood over this.  I won't be taking calls on the subject until Sunday, when hopefully I will have calmed down.   Also note that this is the entire story thus far.  Even if you called there's nothing more I can telll you until Tuesday.


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