Monday, April 20, 2009


-The weather has been really nice recently, and just today it first turned warm.  It has a dangerous effect on my habit of laying around and reading, because my lizard brain kicks into hot flat rock mode and I end up falling asleep.

-One of the key advantages of ordering things online is that it allows you to be a picky bitch about the specifics of your particular sandwich or pizza without having to be particular and annoying to an actual person.  It also gets through the constant issue of my inability to pronounce the phrase "Bootlegger Club" audibly on the first try over the phone.

-Jimmy John's Bootlegger club, easy mayo, no tomatoes, extra lettuce, added cheese.  Best Sandwich ever.

-I need to write out a proper entry about the idea of micro-customization.  Not now, later

-It's an interesting split second when I'm first talking to a parent and they're voice carries the notes of something negative.  I flashed for a moment, trying to think of what I'd done wrong, until I realized this was being done for me, not at me.  Some childhood habits never get broken.

-My car continues to fail on me.  Part of me wishes it would just explode, and be done with, but that desire has faded rapidly as getting out more has shown me the importance of personal transit.  

-Exploding would also entail a nice insurance kickback, probably one that's worth more then the entire price of the car.

-I deny any allegations that I ever considered using my car for insurance fraud.


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