Sunday, April 19, 2009

Healthy Outlet

I found out recently that exercise is a great way for me to work through frustrations and deal with nervous energy.  It's a very valuable tool, and if I remain as emotionally immature as I am now I may end up being a wreck, but I'll be in great shape.

The things is that I'm not going to stay so immature.  I have an overabundance of this kind of violent nervous energy as a result of the maturation process.  I, in fact, have enough of it that if I were to vent all of it through exercise I would end up shredding my muscles.  I benefit from having a sibling who has a firm understanding of biology, a focus on personal health, and a keen eye for getting through bullshit pop knowledge.  I know, through him, the proper amount of exercise I should be doing, and it's not enough to vent this energy.  

The real thing though, is that this energy is innate to my being.  Yes there's some of it that is coming from the maturation pains, but a lot of it is just who I am, and I haven't yet learned to properly control it.  This is why I'm thinking of doing something I would have scoffed at just weeks ago.

I'm thinking of taking up a violent external martial art.  It's an odd shift for me, I was an aikido student for several weeks, and I liked aikido because it's almost a pacifist martial art.  It's elegant and beautiful, but when you get right down to it it's not me.  Thinking more about what is me, I'm beginning to consider Karate.  It's a way to not only get some energy out, but to learn to master it, to control it, and to direct it properly.


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