Thursday, May 14, 2009

Subject Zero

Subject Zero's pattern of over investigation was first recognized by Subject L.  We believe that subject L's candid nature has pointed out what may be a recurring event.  

A recently developed theory states that Subject Zero will display this behavior more when communicating through a purely text based medium.  This is based on the idea that the lack of visual, auditory, or physical presence causes an unconscious dehumanization of the person he is interacting with.  This pulls Subject Zero out of a present mindset, and more into his own internal mental cosmos.  Within said cosmos Subject Zero has only the constructed mental frameworks with which to form his actions, and his perceptions of the world around him.  This leads to over investigation as he feels the need for greater and greater detail and realism in said constructions.  

While the subject is being discussed let's go over some previous theories on this behavior.  

The principle theory here is clear.  The behavior stems from confidence loss, which leads to uncertainty, and hence a compulsive desire for direct clarified knowledge.  Whether this is a simple manifestation of doubt, or an effect of a dissociative defense mechanism, which may itself be a response to doubt, is debated.  This theory fits into the profile of Subject Zero, particularly when interacting with Subject L, who serves the ironic role of being the pivotal figure in his recent rise of confidence, and a metaphorical kryptonite to said confidence.  This theory warrants further study.  Examining how overinvestigative behavior plays out with regards to subject J.

Due diligence.  The null hypothesis to this theory is that Subject L simply doesn't like answering questions and tells incomplete stories.  In this institutes role as a metacognitive fabrication of Subject Zero's own mind, we are unable disprove, or determinately fail to disprove the null hypothesis.


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