Thursday, June 04, 2009


So the week before this I was crazy busy.  School, managing the move, and learning the new schedule.  The weekend before that I was busy moving things.  This last weekend I was running double shifts moving things.   

I'm pretty sure that's why I got a horrific sinus infection on Monday.  It's made me begin to reconsider my policy on being sick.  Up until now I've had a pretty simple policy.  "If you can easily walk around then you're healthy enough to go to (blank) and if you can't then you should go back to sleep."   Medication consisted entirelly of steam, tea, soup, and nyquil taken half a bottle at a time.

I'm thinking of re-evaluating that policy because today is Thursday and I'm finally back in the game.  It just seems like too much time to lose.  Granted this is the biggest illness I've had this year, but still.


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