Monday, June 22, 2009

Life Direction

I had an interesting first day of class today. From the get go the instructor was being an annoying old man. He's not that old either, not nearly enough to use it as an excuse, but he explained very frankly that he has a list of very detailed instructions and a deep seated structure fetish, and that if we failed to play his little games our grades would suffer accordingly.

That's annoying, but it's not new, and I've learned to play the game, and I have my minor vengence via my snide remarks from the back of the class. He's also so obvious and direct about it that he is really easy to play. The interesting thing, and the odd thing, is how aware he is of his own nature. My Social Psychology lecturer is a self identified misanthrope. It sounds odd, or counter intuitive, our out and out stupid until you remember one thing.

This is someone who knows that he hates people. Hates people in general, they bother him, he doesn't like them, so why did he go into Social Psychology? It's very simple, he remembers the first rule. Know thy Enemy.


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