Monday, September 26, 2005

Speaking of the hardware store. I found a clever solution to the imbalance between chair quality and money. Posted by Picasa


Today was all exploring. I got up and headed out to see where exactly my most recent jump into oblivion had landed me.

My first reaction was to be amazed at the number of apartments on the main University drag, but once I took a right and moved one block west to the actual "Ave" as it is known, things became much clearer.

A few random musings on the "Ave"

Population density declines dramatically as you draw further from campus, but the stores do not end. I walked on the order of ten blocks and at the point where I crossed the street and turned around stores were still visible as far as I could see further down the street.

Also! And this is a particularly interesting bit, the stores become more and more practical and less and less indulgence based the further you go from campus. Blocks one through three have no less then five smoke shops and three liquor stores amongst any other assortment of boutiques theatres and restaurants. The first, and only that I've found thus far, grocery store is on block seven. The hardware store is on block nine.

Despite the ever cynical nature of my musing I have found that there are enough shops to satisfy my needs.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Visual Schedule Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

09-24-05 1:12 pm

This is the first of several updates that will have information generated mostly in the two days preceding this update. First of all I'd like to alleviate the general concern as much as I can, I'm doing fine, my living conditions seem O.K., despite being a bit cramped, my roommates seem like pretty good people. Etc.

On to specifics.

I'm taking 3 classes this quarter numbering a total of 12 credits. I'm following two pieces of advice that I've received from multiple people in this decision. I was told by several people who are either currently in college or recently out of college that you should've take too much the first semester. I'm not on semesters, but I think the lesson still applies. The second counsel I received was that the first semesters classes should have as little to do with your major as possible. On that note I feel I should point out that my major is probably electrical engineering, but there's a 30% chance I'll change over to mechanical engineering. Those two are similar enough though that the advice applies without regard to which I end up choosing.

The classes and the descriptions UW provides are below along with my own commentary.

GEOG 270 Geographies and International Development and Environmental Change (5) I&S
Considers the meaning of development and how debates over international development link to environmental concerns. Examines how the globalization of agricultural production and debates over genetically modified food alter ideas about development, nature, and the environment. Addresses fair trade policies and practices and the obligations of multinational corporations. Offered: A. Instructor Course Description: Douglas Mercer

While this doesn't really apply it's an interesting subject. I believe my thinking (I would characterize myself as an embittered humanist with a harsh realist view on the world) will lead to a series of spirited and entertaining debates. I have a great deal of conflicts with "ecotopian" thinking and most of them relate to subjects like this. One key examples is that I support twisting nature to fit mankind's desires, and I'm not entirely sure conquest is evil.

C LIT 350 Themes in World Literature: Parents and Children (5) VLPA
World literature, from the Renaissance to modern times, based upon the theme of "parents and children." Selections drawn from European, English, and American literature, not limited to period and genre. Focus upon the motive of generational conflict.

This one sounds somewhat interesting and should at least provide a variety of interesting reading material, even it won't give me a chance to be the Devils loyal advocate.

GEN ST 199 The University Community (1-2, max. 2)
Introduces students to various aspects of the University of Washington community. Includes exploration of university resources and opportunities, and academically related skill development. Credit/no credit only.

This is a very very key one, and the main reason I'm taking the other two. This class will essentially teach me how to turn the eldritch machinations of university administration to my benefit. However, it's only offered with the F.I.G. (Freshman Interest Group) program. The F.I.G. program is a way of prepackaging classes in order to make the process of registation easier the first time. I think it's generally a great idea, but all of the best F.I.G.s are already taken. I was in the last group to register because I came up to Seattle shortly before classes started in order to minimize air travel.

Overall I'm satisfied with my classes, although I think I could've gotten better ones if I had registered earlier.

Speaking of which, I've got a trump card for next quarter. The Office of Disability Affairs (or something like that) has given me the ability, as someone who has ADD, to register about one week before everyone else.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Test Post

This is just a test post, but for filler I've inserted some of my musings.

On the matter of free will Vs predestination

The reason this problem was brought up is that if we assume the world works in a mechanical way, they key precept to most of science, then predestination is forced on us. It's what I call "Mechanical Predestination," but I have no right to claim that I invented the theory. I simply deduced it seperate of outside input. If anyone reading this knows the real name for that please let me konw.

In this scenario we have no choice because we work along set rules, so that the result is always a direct consequence of the trigger. This means that the original trigger (the key problem with this principle) caused a reaction, which triggered another mechanically determined reaction, and so on throughout all of eternity.

Ok, all well and good. However, I perceive choice. I may be under an illusion, or more correctly a delusion, but I still think that I'm making a choice even if the mechanical nature of my own psychology determines what I'll eventually decide. I still percieve myself as having free will.

Lets just roll with that for a minute, we cand debate it later, because now I'm going to Blow Your Mind.

Everything I've ever seen I've seen through my eyes. Everything I've ever heard I've heard with my ears, etc. etc. This means that the whole of reality as experienced by me has been my own perceptions. In essence Reality is what I perceive it to be.

Now. If reality is perception, and I perceive choice, then choice is reality even if my perceptions illusionary.

If you have a counterargument please post it.

-Max Willson